The uses, shapes and characteristics of our premium quality dry ice

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Dry ice: versatile and ecological

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Carbon dioxide ice is a dry ice made from carbon dioxide, liquefied below -80°C.

We provide you with an ecologicalanswer: Designed for various purposes, dry ice is used for conservation, transport, dry ice blasting, events and other applications.

Production: How the pelletizer works

Under normal conditions of temperature and pressure, CO2 is in the atmosphere in a gaseous state. The process of making dry ice then relies on the expansion of the CO2. The liquid CO2 is forced under a pressure of 20 bar at -20°C into a chamber at atmospheric pressure. The decrease in pressure will cause the temperature of the CO2 to drop to -78.5°C: the liquid CO2 is transformed into dry ice.

dry ice sticks

Dry ice is produced using the pelletizer. To do this, the process consists of the following steps:

The pelletiser is fed with liquid CO2 which is expanded to form dry ice. This is then extruded via a piston and compressed against an extrusion die. The material, under the effect of compression, will form ice and take on the shape or pattern of the die.

Top quality dry ice

Dry ice quality comparison_weight after 24h_BSI Ice

BSI Ice’s dry ice is certified “Made in Luxembourg”. It is of a particularly high quality, which makes it very durable and maintains the desired temperature for a long period of time.

This is shown by the comparative study that a customer carried out with our ice: After 24 hours of cooling from 18°C to -30°C, more than twice as much dry ice was left compared to that of the competitors.

This means that you have to replenish less ice over a longer period of time, which saves money and labour. With the higher quality, not only do you achieve your cooling targets better, but it’s ultimately cheaper as well.

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Experts in analysing your specific requirements, we offer dry ice in different forms to better meet your needs.

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